Reflective printed on  GRIPPING BarTape 

– Perfect bicycle bar tape for day and night
COMFORT – High density EVA on the back
SAFETY – Reflective pattern printed
TOUCH – A little be sticky but not too much
– 3.0mm EVA
– Tape size: 30mm x 2200mm(length)
– 2*Bartapes, 2*10cm Hood Wraps,
2*End Caps(BK), 2*BK Finishing Tape, BTP color box


Why  BTP gripping bartape

BTP gripping bar tapes are made for riders who care about the gripping feelings.  Our bartapes are made for riders to feel a little be sticky but not to much.  Some gripping bartapes are reflective  printed in patterns of fun designs. This bartape is good for day and night.
*Our products are manufactured from the highest quality materials, but from time to time batch colors may vary slightly. This is normal in all manufacturing. *The colors above may vary slightly from the actual product.
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